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The HR Manager - Start Ups

  • Need to set up basic HR and Payroll systems?
  • Ready to create an employee brand and compensation philosophy?
  • Need qualified professionals for a new business that opens next month?
  • Need help navigating through City (SF), State and Federal requirements?
  • Need an employee handbook, but don't know where to start?
  • Working with a group of independent contractors today who you'd like hire next week?
  • Growing fast and need help?

Many start-ups begin with a great business concept, launch their business and quickly find themselves facing a new world of regulations and requirements. Realistically, there are only so many hours in a day and learning wage and hour law is not the best use of your time- not when you have a business to grow. We work with start-ups to provide HR solutions and systems that are cost effective and minimize risk so that you can focus on your new business.


"Edna and her team really came through for us on a tight schedule. When Green Tea was initially formed we had two months left in our contract to acquire a hotel. In that time frame Edna implemented a job fair with all new job descriptions and compensation packages for the entire property. She handled the entire HR effort from the initial advertising of the job fair, interviewing the candidates, making offers, hiring, and first day training and orientation. She established an electronic payroll system for the new team and 7 months later we have had very little turn over or changes since her initial hiring efforts. I highly recommend Edna; as a 24 year veteran in the hospitality industry I have never encountered a stronger hospitality HR manager."

  • The HR Manager - Travaasa Joy Berry,
    Exec. Director, Amstar,
    President, Green Tea LLC,
    Travaasa Austin, Hana