Services - Specialty Recruiting

  • The HR Manager - Recruiting Employees are your best assets, and the time and costs associated with recruiting, screening, interviewing, evaluating and hiring employees are significant. So why do it on your own? We can provide cost-effective access to the talented professionals you need to build and maintain a top-notch organization.

    Successful recruiting is more than just placing an ad and finding someone who has the right experience. It’s about representing the unique qualities of your property, and working closely with you to understand and articulate what it takes to be successful. Our screening objectives include identifying both cognitive and affective attributes of a successful candidate as well as understanding the candidate's ability to meet your measure of success for this position. Our goal is to represent you and find the best fit for your organization.

  • We specialize in recruiting for Independent Hospitality. We have worked with owners, management companies and executive committee members of award winning independent Hotels to hire key positions including General Manager, Director of Sales, Director of Marketing, Executive Chef and Sales Managers.

  • We have also partnered with new or newly acquired hotel properties to staff their entire team from the ground up in a matter of weeks to meet an opening date. We are adept at using job fairs, community alliances, and focused recruiting.

  • The Applicant Manager

    We built and support our own Applicant Tracking system to help streamline the recruiting process. The Applicant Manager (TAM) is an efficient, intuitive cloud-based applicant management tool for small- to medium-sized businesses. TAM is the tool chosen by many employers including startups, high tech and hospitality to manage their applicant process seamlessly, cost effectively and with a personal touch. TAM works for you by easily organizing data and making communications easy. TAM is also a true SaaS tool which requires no IT support and no long-term contracts.