Services - HR Consulting

  • The HR Manager If you are thinking about how to best manage your HR function, it's important to consider all of the variables when making this important decision. Whether you are interested in hiring in-house professionals, transitioning to co-employment with a PEO or outsourcing to a consulting firm, decision makers should consider these questions and more before making their selection:

  • What would the perfect solution look like and what resources can be dedicated to this solution?
  • Is the solution truly full service? What are the hidden costs to the options? What services are considered out of scope?
  • Who will actually be providing the services? Is that person's skills, experience and knowledge well matched to provide the services that you need? Do consultants have experience that has been tested in the real world?
  • When comparing the costs, are you considering all of the direct and indirect costs, e.g., salary, cost of benefits, training, reference materials, dues and subscriptions, administrative support, payroll costs, etc.?
  • Will the solutions be customized to your organization's core values, philosophies, and business? Or will the solution be provided like a commoditized service?

Partnering with The HR Manager means that you will have a solution designed for your organization. We consider your HR/business goals and objectives and create solutions that fit your organizational culture and industry. Regardless of the level of support that we provide, your organization benefits from the broad range of skills and the many years of experience of our professionals.