Top HR challenges for 2016

Based on the lessons learned from 2015, take this self test to see how well you are prepared for this year’s top challenges:

Ratings:                   5= strongly agree
                                4= somewhat agree
                                3= neither agree nor disagreement
                                2= somewhat disagree
                                1= strongly disagree

Improving Performance

______ Staff work well as a team. Differences among team members are viewed positively.
______ Managers provide timely and effective feedback to our staff.
______ Managers have the skills and knowledge needed to lead their teams and influence team members.
______ Flextime and work from home options are available where practical and productive.
______ Our staff reflects the diversity of our customer base and feels comfortable offering different perspectives and ideas.
______ A gap analysis would reveal that our employees are well trained and possess the competencies needed to succeed in their jobs.
______ Communications within the company is productive and positive.
______ All employees work well with increasingly overlapping demands and in a workplace that is becoming more virtual, with work happening 24/7 and with boundaries between personal, professional, social and family disappearing.

Attracting and Retaining Qualified Staff

______ Our managers provide timely and effective feedback.
______ Compensation programs are well designed, well documented and understood by managers and staff.
______ Incentive programs (commissions, bonuses) are in-line with organizational goals and objectives and are documented in accordance with new 2016 regulations.
______ We update our benefit programs based on industry best practices and with an eye to upcoming changes in the health care arena.
______ Staff feel like there are good promotional opportunities within the company.
______ Staff morale is high and we have reputation in the industry for being an employer of choice.
______ Managers and staff work in accordance with our company’s core values and feel valued.
______ Turnover is low.

Tougher Regulatory Enforcement

______ Company leave policies allow flexibility in accordance with the ADA and FMLA.
______ Employee handbook is up to date, social media savvy, and in compliance with 2016 regulations and best practices regarding breastfeeding mothers, texting while driving and religious dress regulations.
______ Managers understand the differences between exempt and non-exempt staff. Employees are properly classified in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. We manage time off and overtime accordingly.
______ Managers are skilled in addressing employee issues and complaints.
______ Employees feel that our organization is an equal opportunity employer, employment decisions are reasonable and made fairly and they are well treated by their employer.
______ Our organization has had no employment lawsuits or agency complaints during the last year and are not concerned that we have great risk in this area.
______ We have confidence in our knowledge of HR rules, regulations and practices and have resources available to assist when needed.
______ Our policies have a clear provision for “kin” care.
______ Staff are given the opportunity to take rest and meal periods regularly in accordance with wage and hour laws.
______ We know which breaks are paid and which are unpaid.
______ We have solid separation policies and procedures and know how and when to pay terminal wages.
______ Our internship program is well organized and unpaid interns meet new guidelines established by the Department of Labor.
______ There are clear differences between our independent contractors and employees. We would pass a Department of Labor and IRS Audit.


135-121                 Congratulations!  You're well prepared for 2016.
120-96                   You're on your way to meeting the challenges; don’t forget that Expert Advice is only a phone call away.
95-81                     Internal resources overwhelmed?  Consider project support from The HR Manager.
80-56                     Until now, HR has not been a priority that you could address; consider on-going support from The HR Manager.
55-27                     Can your organization easily face the consequences of not meeting the challenges?